Colorado Plains Road

The Solution

Click here to download the Proposition #110 Fact Sheet. Prefer the fact sheet in Spanish? Click here.

We need a new funding source to fix our roads. Proposition 110 would increase the state’s sales tax by 0.62%, a little more than half a cent on a dollar purchase. This revenue will address longstanding problems with funding transportation projects in the state. In the first year, the tax will generate $767 million in a dedicated new revenue source transportation projects across the state. Forty-five percent of the new revenue will go directly to 107 high-priority CDOT projects. Forty percent of new funds is returned to cities, counties and local governments to prioritize projects that impact their communities. It includes funds for things like senior bus service, bike and pedestrian lanes, and intersection improvements. The money is a dedicated revenue source. Proposition 110 also ensures that the 39.7 million visitors who use our roads pay their share.

Systemwide Improvements