Colorado Traffic

The Problem

Colorado's transportation needs have gone unmet for decades. In every corner of our state, we lack the resources to maintain our roads, highways and local bus routes. Because the state’s gas tax isn’t tied to inflation, there has been less and less revenue from existing gas taxes to address Colorado’s transportation needs. Today, Colorado spends just $69 per driver on transportation infrastructure, compared to 27 years ago when we spent almost twice that amount - $125 per driver. CDOT has more than $9 billion in projects with no funding - and that’s only part of The issue. A Colorado Municipal League (CML) survey of its 270 member cities and towns reveal an aggregate $3 billion shortfall for needed transportation improvements and another $750 million in maintenance needs for municipal streets and bridges. We need a statewide solution that ensures local governments have the resources to meet demands, addresses high-priority projects on state highways, and promotes multimodal transportation options that reduce congestion.

Where it started
Decreasing Power
Increasing Efficiency
Growing population
Putting Together