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Remember 1991? That’s the last time transportation funding got a real boost

The gas tax, which pays for Colorado’s transportation infrastructure, hasn’t been updated in nearly 30 years. Since then, cars have become more efficient and the value of a dollar has decreased by 56%, meaning our state has half the money it did in 1991 to address transportation needs. What does that mean in dollars and cents? A backlog of $9 billion in projects across Colorado.

Isn’t it About Time Tourists Pay Their Share?

Nearly 40 million people visit Colorado annually. That’s wear and tear on our transportation system. Proposition 110 makes sure they pay their share – to the tune of $92 million each year for 20 years – for critically needed improvements to our roads and bridges. Next time you see an out of state plate, smile.

Six Cents on a $10 purchase

Your time is valuable. By investing six cents on a $10 purchase, together we will address Colorado’s $9 billion transportation backlog. It’s about time – your time – and it’s worth it.

We’re in this Together

Did you know that 80 percent of trips start on a local road? Forty percent of the funds raised through #110 are dedicated funds to cities and counties to address your local transportation needs.

Outdated Roads are Costing You Money

Potholes. Sinkhole. Flat tires. Delays. In the Denver metro area, drivers spend more than $2,000 on additional car maintenance due to our crumbling roads.

A Diverse Coalition of Supporters

From Club 20 on the Western Slope, to Conservation Colorado, Farm Bureau Colorado, and Governor John Hickenlooper – just to name a few – #110 has support from virtually every corner, city, and county in Colorado!

It’s About Safety

With our outdated transportation infrastructure in disrepair, Coloradans see more accidents and more traffic. More than 2,400 people were killed in crashes on Colorado’s roads from 2011 to 2015.

40% of the dollars raised through Proposition 110 will be dedicated to cities and counties, allowing local leaders to decide what projects should be addressed in their communities.

Want to know what the passage of #110 means for your city or town? We can help!

city county

What city or town do you call home?

Calculations are estimates based on 2017 HUTF distribution formula.

Let’s Go, Colorado – Yes on #110 – is on radio!

Click here to listen to what people across Colorado are saying about Proposition #110.

Gov. John Hickenlooper

Russ George- Western Slope

Russ George- Eastern Plains

Christian Reece

Don Ament

What Is Funded?

Pie Chart Showing Allocation of Funds

$767 million

First Year Revenue

State Highway Fund (45%)
Local Transportation: Cities (20%)
Local Transportation: Counties (20%)
Multimodal Options (15%)

110 will address major projects on I-25, I-70 and the state highways that connect our communities throughout Colorado. Local governments will have full flexibility of their share of the funding, allowing our communities to meet their diverse needs throughout the state. Multimodal funding will support transportation options that decrease traffic congestion and protect our air quality. This funding could be used to support urban and rural bus service, large scale bike lanes and paths, and improvements for pedestrians.

Colorado Traffic

3 Decades

It's been nearly three decades since we last changed how Colorado funds transportation. A lot's changed since then.

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